(The Beta-Test!!)

          (The Beta-Test!!)

Starring: John Kaczorowski and Ray Boucher

Remember those cool “Choose your own Adventure” books you read when you were a kid?  Remember the fun you had making all those choices?  Well, those days are back again… and it’s a hysterical adventure live on stage!

Robert has never been very good with the ladies - in fact, he’s borderline pathetic.  Some say he’s beyond hope.  But now, thanks to a silver chalice and a magical new friend, Robert might have one last chance at love… but he needs YOUR help!  Using the latest in theatre technology, the audience uses small remote control audience-response devices to control the choices Robert makes throughout the show!  Will you pursue the beautiful bombshell, the sweet girl-next-door or the dark and brooding poet?  Where will you take her on your date?  What clothes will you wear?   So many hysterical choices to make!

This “Beta-Test” is a staged reading of the script using a full cast featuring some of the best actors in Buffalo, lots of media… and LOTS of audience remote controls, so they can control the hysterical choices right from their seats!  What will he wear on his special date?  Where in Buffalo will you take her?  The choices are ALL up to you?  With ELEVEN possible endings!

And stay for the talkback and give your feedback as we develop the show for full production in collaboration with Shea’s at 710 Main! 

Can you help Robert make the right choices and win the girl of his dreams?  Or will you guide him into romantic disaster?  It’s up to YOU!

Build Your Own ADVENTURE: The Mystery of the Silver Chalice (The Beta Test!) runs April 11 - 26.  Performances of this special, limited run adventure are FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights.

Buffalo Laboratory Theatre performances are in the Swan Theatre at 5200 South Park Ave in Hamburg.   7:30 pm curtain.

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